Open Studios January 4


with the Circle City Industrial Complex Artists


Schwitzer Gallery

An Impromptu Prompt Show

QB Curators presents “An Impromptu Prompt Show” in the Schwitzer Gallery, stemming from Tony Quintana and Maria Behringer’s curiosity of the minds that make up the Indianapolis arts community. “We are interested in how artists from all mediums and backgrounds can take a prompt, given by us, and run with it,” explained the pair. QB Curators anticipate hosting 70 artists, and each participating artist will be given a single paper and word and are asked to create a piece of art. A percentage of all sales go to the artists and to QB Curators to fund supplies, future exhibitions, and curatorial projects in 2019.

Shelby Alexander

Mixed-media artist, illustrator and graphic designer Shelby Alexander will be opening her studio to the public and exhibiting her most recent body of large-scale mixed-media work, in addition to a series of miniature pieces that make for affordable gifts. A Notre Dame grad who also studied fashion at the Pratt Institute in NYC, Alexander works primarily with secondhand textiles to explore the ecological effects of fast fashion as the second largest polluter in the world. Shelby Alexander is located in Studio 42 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Jeffrey Allen

Metal sculptor Jeffrey Allen will be showing work for the May First Friday. Having practiced the craft of welding and sculpting for over 20 years, the former active duty Marine has traveled the world and his art is influenced by the world’s beauty and mythology. Jeffrey Allen is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Arts & Images by Anthony Armstrong

Anthony Armstrong is a self-taught abstract painter and photographer. While displaying mostly in monochrome, Armstrong’s photography captures the culture of the people and places as he’s traveled both domestically and internationally. “The absence of color often helps the viewer see the texture and life of a photograph,” said Armstrong. He also stretches his creative limbs into the world of mixed-media paintings, using abstract as his primary form of expression but also exploring minimalism, contemporary, and modern art. Anthony Armstrong is located in Studio B11 of the South Studios.

Roberta Avidor

Painter Roberta Avidor will open her studio to visitors, offering Oil paintings and watercolors showing people living and working in their communities. Working for decades as an advertising artist, she now uses those skills to create oil and watercolor paintings to celebrate people and places that are meaningful to Avidor. “When people visit my studio, I like to talk and show my process of creating a finished painting from preliminary sketches,” said Avidor. “There’s a story behind every one of my paintings. I would hope that visitors experience my work not just as onlookers, but as engaged participants in the subject matter.” Roberta Avidor is located in Studio 34 on the second floor of the North Studios.


Dolores is on the loose! BEBITO Toys creator Rachel Hedges will be traveling in December, so the star of her quirky plush line, Dolores, decided to sneak out for a little traveling of her own…in the form of a party downstairs at Indy Artsy! Dolores and her friends have been hanging out with Julie Edwards and the kitties of the building, and can’t wait to make new friends (and hopefully go home with them). They will be at Indy Artsy all month long for visitors to meet and adopt. Rachel Hedges is an independent toy-maker and designer in Indianapolis since 2006. BEBITO Toys are created from re-purposed, up-cycled, and found materials, along with intricate hand embroidery and applique to create a unique product of outstanding quality. BEBITO Toys is located on the second floor of the North Studios, while Indy Artsy is located on the first floor of the North Studios.

The Co-Lab

Marilyn Gatin, scientist and artist, presents “Take Apart Art,” with a Smashing Booth Sculpture and paintings using recycled electronic waste. Visitors can relieve stress and break through to their own creativity by destroying recycled electronics in the Smashing Booth, and sign up to join an afternoon Take Apart Art experience, which involves guiding groups through Gatin’s process. “Take Apart Art” with the Smashing Booth is designed to be a fun and lively event with a focus on creativity, recycling electronics, and playing with others.  The Co-Lab is located in S24 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Chad Eby

Chad Eby is an artist, maker, and educator working with light, sound, physical computing, and digital fabrication. “(Nearly) everything is better with blinky lights,” said Eby. He makes his premiere at the CCIC and invites visitors to come by and see what’s cooking. Chad Eby is located in Studio 34 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Daily Epiphany Studio

Michele Burns and Kurt Kriese will share the evening in Studio B17. Kriese will show landscapes, large abstract paintings, and stained glass, while Burns will feature new “Nightlight Art,” photoluminescent paintings and mobiles painted with her own photoluminescent paint recipe that retains its glow all night long. The Nightlight Art paintings appear as one painting during daylight, and a different painting entirely in the dark. The duo will also feature painted eggs by Marlene Burns. Daily Epiphany Studio B17 is located in the South Studios.

Indy Artsy

Home to ceramics artist Julie Edwards, Indy Artsy gathers together an eclectic collection of handmade items, from clothing, to jewelry, to soaps and snacks; making it easy to find the perfect gift. Indy Artsy is located on the first floor of the North Studios.

Stephanie Doty

Stephanie Doty will have an open studio, showing new mixed media work on canvas and paper. Stephanie Wilhelm, from Clear Creek Creations, will also be showing a new line of beaded jewelry, for sale. Stephanie Doty’s studio is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Five Seasons Studio

Martha Nahrwold presents “Romance of the Sea,” portraying the beach, restless waves, creatures of the deep—both large and small. “Waves lapping the shore are mesmerizing; creatures living in the sea are fantastic,” said Nahrwold. “The very process of floating inks on water lends a beautiful feel to the finished paintings.” Nahrwold’s subject matter is generally calming, places where she would like to be or see. She wants to take viewers there with her. Marbled Impressionism is created by floating inks on water, moving them into a landscape or other compositions, then laying paper on top to transfer the inks. Nahrwold holds a zoology degree, was raised in the south, but settled in Indiana to work for Eli Lilly. The award winner opened her studio in 1991, and has studied watercolor with Floyd Hopper and Paul Sweeney. She’s also a member of the Indiana Artists, Hoosier Salon, and a signature member of Indiana Watercolor Society. Five Seasons Studio is located on the first floor of the North Studios, across from Lick Ice Cream.

Full Circle Nine Gallery

Steven VanDeVanter, and his show “VDV Imagery,” will kick off 2019 as the featured artist. “I like to convey emotion using light, color, and design,” said VanDeVanter, of his imaginative art style. “Some are based in nature, while others are a series of designs riddled with hidden meanings, trying to expose the psyche of the creator.” Full Circle Nine Gallery is located in the South Studios, in B21.

Anastasia Maroney

Anastasia Maroney presents “Current Works,” a collection of contemporary abstract works produced in the previous 18 months. Her pieces have been inspired by the world around her, including the people she knows and has met, the places Moriarty’s traveled, and the events which unfold daily. “My works are a reflection of my life and my faith,” said Moriarty. “I am excited to share the abstract colors, textures, and repeated elements that represent the complexity of the world around us” Moriarty bases her work in color and texture, using these elements to represent tangible objects and subconscious thoughts and beliefs of our time, whether it be people, scripture, or events. Anastasia Maroney is located in Studio S27 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Ann Moriarty

Ann Moriarty will have an open studio featuring her jewelry fabrication, small metal sculpture creation, and acrylic painting. An artist for 22 years, starting out in steel, she now fabricates silver jewelry with hand-made chains, copper fold forming, and acrylic painting. I began my experience as an artist 22 years ago as a steel sculptress. “I was a scientist and took an art class with a friend when she was recovering from breast cancer,” said Moriarty. “I did not believe that I ‘had an artistic bone in my body’ but when the sparks flew, it was an incredibly powerful experience.” Moriarty overcame her scientific nature of measuring and cutting precisely and learned to enjoy the process and materials. Ann Moriarty is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Katrina J. Murray Studio and Gallery

Educated at the Herron School of Art and Design and Ivy Tech Katrina Murray studied art history in Italy and lived for a time in Germany. A native of Brown County, Indiana, Murray now makes her home in Indianapolis and has held a longtime studio at the CCIC.  She sustained a concussion from an auto accident in 2015, the recovery from which changed her art from painting-based to collage-based. Katrina J. Murray Studio and Gallery is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Shaun M. Niles Gallery & Studios

Photographer Shaun M. Niles opens his gallery and studio space at the CCIC. “Opening a gallery has been a long time goal of mine, and I was fortunate enough to secure a space in the new studios at the CCIC,” said Niles. “The gallery will primarily be a venue for me to exhibit my work, and entertain all of you when it’s not busy doubling as a studio for me to work in.” He has plans for guest artists in the future and is excited to join the community. Shaun M. Niles Gallery & Studios is located in S26 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Amanda Noftsier

Amanda Noftsier is working on pieces for her application to atelier programs in Boston and Philadelphia. Visitors can expect to see still-life drawings and paintings in various stages along with a self -portrait and figure studies. She will have various animal paintings in Indy Artsy and is currently accepting holiday pet portrait commissions. Amanda Noftsier is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Genna Pianki | SO2 | 

Impressionistic contemporary painter Genna Pianki will be showing a collection of work from throughout the previous year.  Genna Pianki | SO2 | is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Kristy Quinn

Sculptural artist Kristy Quinn turns any texture that meets her hands into a work of art, giving visitors a peek into her process. Kristy Quinn is located in S30 on the second floor of the North Studios.

RUCKUS Makerspace

RUCKUS Makerspace – Business Incubator will showcase their makers who will have a wide variety of handmade products available. RUCKUS Makerspace is on the north end of the CCIC, at Door G10, marked by a wooden sign.

Katie Sahm

Become a New Creation artist, Katie Sahm was born and raised in Indianapolis and spends most of her time painting, taking photographs, and attempting to make the world a more beautiful place one day at a time. Sahm works in a variety of media, but all of her pieces reflect her deep love for her faith. Katie Sahm is located on the second floor of the North Studios.


Indianapolis-born Sivavis is a self-taught analog collage artist, specializing in the surreal and bizarre. He will be showcasing a new selection of collages every month. Sivavis is located in S36 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Strung Handmade Décor

Rachel Ferguson will premiere geometric mountain artwork, along with a body of work fresh of a fall arts festival run. Ferguson creates her Strung work by combining nails and string along with hand-painted or cut wood shapes exploring the cosmos or views right here on Earth. Strung Handmade Décor is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Amelia Rose 

Amelia Rose presents an exploration of color, inspired by flowers and atmosphere, with her contemporary paintings in oil and acrylics. This University of Tennessee grad cherishes memories of her grandmother’s greenhouse, gardens and love of growing flowers. “Hopefully, my work will provide some joy and peace in the exploration of color and light and give an overall impression of a moment of time,” Rose said. Amelia Rose is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Weeds and Wonder

Lauren Reiner opens her studio and invites visitors to stop by for a chat or to browse a selection of gift-able items, originals, prints, cards, and a brand-new 2019 Moon Phase Poster. Reiner describes her art as ethereal, spiritual, and energetic. “I feel that it connects to a part of us that is beneath the surface, continually shaping and reforming, a part of us that is unattached to our social constructs,” said Reiner. She enjoys working with watercolor, acrylic, chalks, pencils, pens, and image transfers of her own photography, to explore the limits and range of each medium. An IU grad raised in Indianapolis, Reiner has a background in black and white photography and digital video, and also teaches creative classes and workshops that incorporate breathe work, movement, self-care, and intentional creative habit strategies. Her show will provide “glimpses of ever-changing layers of being and the space between where we are, and where we want to be.” Weeds and Wonder is located in S37 on the second floor of the North Studios.

About the Circle City Industrial Complex Artists

The Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC) is a nearly half-million square foot industrial building, located at 1125 Brookside Ave., and was formerly home to the Schwitzer automotive company. Its industrial appeal remains and artists and artisans have made the space their home, carving cozy studio, work, and show spaces from the concrete and steel structure, and the CCIC Artists have grown in number to over 50 galleries, individual artists and artisans. The main artist entries are the North Studios entrance and the South Studios entrance, each marked with signage along Brookside Avenue. The CCIC provides free parking in a large lot, and is accessible by the Pogue’s Run Trail, connecting to the Monon Trail and the downtown Cultural Trail system. The complex also offers other art-supporting destinations such as the Centerpoint Brewery, Lick Ice Cream, and Ruckus Makerspace.

For more information on the building, please visit:

For more information on the artists please visit:

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